Plan of Action & Programme of Requirements

Plan of Action

Based on the Risk Assessment & Evaluation report produced, we will provide you with a clear plan of action that will take into account the operational schedule and any permanent or temporary measures that should be put into place. This plan will be specific to your property and will ensure that the aesthetics and functionality remain intact.

The plan of action will include a quotation detailing the costs of our recommendations including a multi-year maintenance budget supported by weighted risks and return on investment calculation.

Programme of Requirements

Standardisation of equipment and processes across a portfolio is essential part of a robust safety management system. To aid this we put together a comprehensive programme of requirements that details choices as to the most suitable equipment to install, which training is needed, and what inspection and maintenance regime will need to be in place.

A well thought out programme of requirements will bring about more uniformity in your working practices; contributing to increased safety, more efficient purchasing and maintenance processes, and reduced training time. This document supports the plan of action and should a starting point for the design of your infrastructure.