Together with our customers Eurosafe Solutions works to create an environment for safely working at height without compromise. Safety is our top priority in all aspects of our working methods, our solutions, and our services.

Safely working at height requires much more than just having the correct equipment available; robust, reliable, carefully managed systems need to be in place to ensure that we protect those exposed to the inherent risks associated with these tasks, whilst making certain our customers are operating in line with all relevant legislation governing these practices.

More than the Sum of the parts . . .

Managing and maintaining a multi site portfolio is a difficult and complex task, crucial to preserving the quality and value of your estate. To ensure that this process is carried out safely Eurosafe Solutions have developed the Safety at Height Management System (SHMS).

SHMS is split into 5 individual sections that can be provided independently, but when implemented together provide a number of safety and cost benefits, and ultimately piece of mind for our clients.